Dear members and supporters,

Also this year the Lombard Glaciological Service is registered at 5 x 1000: this allows us to be able to count on a loan, albeit small and paid in a very long time, which testifies to the effective solidarity of members and friends.

I remind you that the choice to allocate your 5 x 1000 does not represent a further burden for the taxpayer; quite simply, a small part of the tax, instead of going to the state, will be paid to SGL.

The operations are simple:

  • Sign the box headed “Support for non-profit organizations of social utility, social promotion associations and associations …..”.


  • Indicate, in the same box, the tax code 02224290961


I ask you to continue to support the Lombard Glaciological Service and to spread this choice also among friends and relatives.

Thanks in advance and a cordial greeting to all.


The President – Giovanni Prandi